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Just Be With You (The Sullivans book 12)


The Sullivan’s are back! How much are you in love with this family? Every time I read Bella Andre’s The Sullivan series I want so much to be a part of that family. If you are not familiar with this family/ series, here is a brief background provided by Goodreads: Ian Sullivan, the powerful and wealthy CEO of Sullivan investments, has never failed at anything in his life…apart from love and marriage. Certain that he’ll never take the plunge again, the last thing he expects is for a beautiful actress to turn his perfectly organized world completely upside down.

Tatiana Landon, one of the hottest talents in Hollywood, has been waiting for true love her whole life. When she meets Ian, she’s certain she’s finally found it…along with a passion that sizzles hotter than anything in her wildest dreams. All she needs to do now is find a way to convince him to take the risk of loving again.

Ian soon realizes that Tatiana is just as determined and focused on winning his heart as he is on locking it away. But when unexpected circumstances thrust them into a world where “real life” rules don’t apply, will Ian finally recognize Tatiana as his one true love?

Tatiana was part of the San Fransisco Sullivans, her sister married Smith. Tatiana was an interesting character simply because her job was acting. She admitted to herself that acting was her job and that she would not act in her own life with her own emotions. I thought that was an interesting concept. I actually enjoyed her character because she was so pure and full of hope and joy. I also thought Ian was an interesting character because he was the typical CEO. Well… what I imagine a CEO would act like. I don’t know for sure since I have never met one…yet. I always have hope for that. I liked that he was passionate about his work and that really helped make him who he is as a person. I liked that the story was not so much about immediately following in love but really finding a way to work together to find what the other really needs. I think that’s what really makes a story. I think I enjoyed that part most of all, because how many times have you thought “Can I give my significant other what they need?” That’s the hardest part to figure out and Tatiana does it beautifully. I love that she is soo honest that it almost hurts to read parts where she gets hurt.

As for the sex, I thought it was great. It wasn’t all missionary or the male always taking charge. I feel that the sex scenes have advanced a lot since her first book in this series. I thought Ian’s sexual appetite was an “oh my god.” I seriously needed to fan myself off a couple of time. I even thought about doing the Ice bucket challenge for a cool off, but simply can’t waste the water. (I live in California). Super sexy scenes with more emotion and passion than one person can take.

In conclusion I give this novel 5 out 5. I really enjoyed this novel and if you love fun, flirty novels than you will really enjoy this series. I cannot wait for the next novel to come out. Although I am not happy about having to wait for the paperback but the ebook comes out really fast. I’m a big fan of having the book in my hands. Well I hope you all are having a great time reading hot, sexy romance novels. Happy Readings!


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