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Under the Mistletoe (With Me #1.5)


Well hello again! It’s nice to be writing again. I have missed this when I’m at school teaching the youth of America. This is a novella from the Montgomery family. This is still an amazing series and I am hoping to read another series by her. This story stars Issac Montgomery and his wife Stacy. They are already married in the series as well in their novella, this is more of a falling in love again novel. Here is a brief background on the novel provided by Goodreads: Isaac and Stacy Montgomery have been married for ten years. They have a beautiful new baby girl, Isaac’s construction business is thriving, and Stacy enjoys being a stay at home mom, reviewing sexy romance novels for her blog. With a very large extended family, and the many privileges they enjoy, Stacy will be the first to admit that they are blessed beyond measure.

When suspicious phone calls and text messages begin, Stacy questions Isaac’s faithfulness for the first time in their marriage. She knows that a new baby brings changes into a relationship, but has the stress of parenthood sent Isaac into another woman’s arms, threatening to destroy their marriage?

This was an interesting story. It was interesting to read about Issac and Stacy’s relationship and how they react when it is just the two of them. Usually you see them with other people in family events. It’s really nice to see them struggling however the conflict did not last long. I did love the fact that they were struggling with the fact that they are newly parents. It’s a hard thing to go through as well as still be a couple. I know people who have gone through this trouble, it can wreck some relationships. I enjoyed that they were able to reconnect as a couple.

As for the sex scenes, seriously where do you find these men? They are passionate, loving, and hot as Hades. Where can I find a man like this? I like the fact that they a great relationship and can keep things sexy in teh bedroom when they have a kid to deal with. I thought that was great. The sex didn’t dull out and is really hot. I recommend having a fan nearby when you read this novella.

Overall, I give this novel a 4 out of 5. It was really good to see Issac and Stacy’s relationship. If you enjoyed this novella please read the rest of the series. You will not be disappointed. I’m only disappointed because the series has ended. I’m going to cry until I get a new series from her. I’ll keep you posted. Happy Readings!


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