About Me!

Hi all my name is Nicole and I devour Romance novels. As of now I read about 15 novels a month (and yes this number does include re-reading of novels). Ever since I picked up my first copy of Julie Garwood’s The Secret and read it in a few hours, I have only expanded my need to read this genre. I can firmly admit that I am addicted to reading the romance genre.

I am recent graduate of San Jose State University’s English department with a little too much free time on my hands. I need something to keep my brain occupied (I will not turn into a zombie! I refuse!). I figure I will use my love for reading literature for something good: so why not start a blog? At least this will keep me from dying of boredom.

I have no idea as of yet where my life will go, but in the fall I will be joining the English teaching program and will hopefully become a high school English teacher. *Fingers -crossed* I enjoy reading and I enjoy working with children getting them interested in reading even if it is only graphic novels. Reading is the joy that everyone should experience.


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