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Let Me Be the One (The Sullivan’s #6)


Let me first explain why I jumped from book number 4 to book number 6. If you don’t remember book 5 was the first book that I had read in the Sullivan series. It was what started my whole obsession with this family and series. So now that you understand why my blogĀ  posts for this series is some what out-of-order. Here is a brief background of this novel provided by Goodreads: Back in San Francisco preparing for her big art show, Vicki Bennett needs help protecting herself and her career from the unwelcome advances of one of the judges. She knows that her longtime friend and baseball star, Ryan Sullivan, will know just how to handle things, and he’s the only person she can imagine asking for help.
Ryan is thrilled to have Vicki back in his life, and he will do anything to protect her from harm, including playing the role of “pretend boyfriend.” But when their staged kisses and caresses lead to an incredibly sensual night, they both worry that they may have damaged their friendship forever.
Have they made the worst mistake possible? Or is the perfect combination of friendship and love finally within reach?

This book simply annoyed me. Let me example before you jump down my throat. It annoyed in the sense that how come this didn’t happen to me? If only there was a hot guy worth dating at my school and needed to be saved from a out-of-control car. If only… *sigh* Anyways, I simply loved this book. Ryan and Vicki have been friends FOREVER! Really Forever and both have had crushes on each other but never did anything about it. This is the ultimate fantasy: Falling in love with your best friend. I thought this novel was great especially the storyline. I love how the plot progressed through little moments. I thought it was great. I especially loved seeing the characters from the other book interact with these characters. The family dynamics were great and I especially loved seeing more of Smith. I can’t wait to read his story.

As for the sex scenes. I thought they were great and really focused on the anticipation. Bella Andre built the anticipation for the moment they finally are together. I could feel the emotions pouring out of the book between the two characters. I simply loved it. These scenes were exceptional especially that one scenes near the end (I don’t want to give it away). You simply have to read it to find out.

Overall, I give this novel 5 out 5 stars. This was a joy to read. The main reason I have enjoyed these novels is because there is no suspense and no big drama. It simply a love story set in reality. Now, on a side note, I have started school again. (boo!). I have less time for pleasure reading. I will have to slow down in my blog until I get into a routine. But feel free to look through my past blogs and find a series you simply must read. It will take me a few days to read something I want to (School has to come first, unfortunately). Happy Readings All!


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