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Interlude in Death book 12.5 of In Death series

interlude in death

Here is a brief description of the novel: In early spring of 2059, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called off planet to face a grueling ordeal – giving a seminar at the largest police conference of the year, to be held in a swanky resort. A resort which just happens to be owned by her husband, Roarke, of course.

Even though Eve can’t quite see it that way, it’s supposed to be at least partly a vacation. But work intrudes in the form of a bloody homicide, and Eve is off and running. The case is complicated by Eve’s personal history with the victim – and by the killer’s history with Roarke. As danger closes in and the body count rises, Eve must find a way to stop the cycle of violence and revenge, and shove the past back where it belongs.

I thought this was a great novel. It was short, but held all the important part of a murder mystery. Eve is stuck at a cop convention in space with a murder that happens to fall into her lap. Along with Roarke (cause he never stay out of an investigation) and her team, they scrabble to solve the murder before chaos erupts. This one was interesting and dealt directly with Eve’s and Roarke’s past. This novel is full of mystery. I want to know more about Roarke and Eve’s past i.e. their parents. This novel gives you a small sample of that. I enjoyed reading this novel simply because J.D. Robb writes crime drama really well. There is never any part of the investigation left missing and Eve always fallows the line of the evidence to find the killer. It is all very logical. I enjoy crime novels that follow a simple path of logic to find the killer. J.D. Robb never gives the reader more than just bits of piece to keep us enthralled with the outcome.

Now for the good stuff. This novel, like all the others, have great sex scenes that only add to the storyline and character development. The sex between Roarke and Eve is very elemental and further helps them bond together. That is not to say that since they are a married couple that their sex life is getting stale. Quite the contrary, their sex life is still fully of steamy, breath-taking scenes. I always enjoy reading those scenes.

Overall, I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this interlude. So, please continue reading this series. Happy Readings.


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