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Review for The Marriage Mistake

Another Glorious novel by Jennifer Probst from the series The Marriage to a Billionaire. This novel starts with Carina Conte, the youngest sister of Michael (whom we know from the previous novel). Carina has been in love with Michael’s friend Max for most of her life. She has never really looked at another man after setting eyes upon him. There is only one problem that stops them from living happily ever after: Max doesn’t see her as anything other than a kid sister. It’s exhausting to follow a man around like a puppy begging for treats when he is always interested in the next best thing. Carina decides, with the helpful advice of her sister-in-law, to forget about Max and focus on her own life. However, nothing goes as planned. Carina is sent to New York to help her brother out and learn the ways of the family business. Carina is immediately paired up with Max. Max will show her everything she needs to know and more…

I enjoyed this novel better than the second novel. My heart broke every time I read about Carina and her struggles with growing up. She always did what people told her to do. So when she tries to stand up to her family, things get pretty intense. Carina has such a giving nature and embodies everything good and pure. No wonder Max can’t see her as a sexual being. As stated on the back cover, these two share a scorching one night stand and are busted by Carina’s mother. Straight to the chapel for them, good thing they are in Vegas, eh? Max is a strong character but like all the other male characters is afraid of his past. The past(his and his family’s) affect the choices he makes. Carina throughout the novel is trying to find herself and where she fits into the scheme of life. A hard thing to do for anyone, add in an unwanted husband, and present a marriage mistake. The idea of a mother forcing a marriage is unrealistic and the story makes note of that fact later on in the story. (Don’t worry I wont give it away).

If you are under the age of 18 look away at this point. I am about to talk about the sex scenes. I mean really what romance novel does not have sex scenes? I felt that in this novel the sex scenes were much more erotic. They were well written and detailed the necessary parts. Like all three novels the sex scenes do not take place until half way through the novel. Which makes this novel very realistic. Like most normal people, the characters do not just go jumping each others bones. The relationship evolves over a course of a few weeks, maybe longer. I enjoyed that part the most. Of course, I did not enjoy the similes as i felt they take away from the storyline. They were okay in the first novel because Alexa is a poet, however in this novel it seemed a bit out of place.

So if you enjoyed this novel, I am glad. I certainly enjoyed reading it. I did not want to put it down. Since this is a modern romance novel if you enjoyed the writing of Jennifer Probst, you will then enjoy Lori Foster’s SBC fighters series. The+Marriage+Mistake


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