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Heartbreakers (PI & Men to the Rescue #4-5)


Heartbreakers is an anthology by Lori Foster. I have to admit that I have not read books 1-3. Or at least I don’t think I did. With this novel you really don’t need to read the others first. Here is the backcover provided by Goodreads:

Treat Her Right
Gorgeous, statuesque fitness expert Wynn Lane can’t help but fall for her sexy neighbor, paramedic Zack Granger, and his adorable daughter. But brash, outspoken Wynn is not Zack’s idea of mommy material, even though she’s making daddy’s libido do flip-flops. Still, the laws of attraction rule–and Wynn is a force of nature all her own

Mr. November
Creating a beefcake calendar for charity, Amanda Barker has found the perfect Mr. November, super-buff firefighter Josh Marshall. But the notorious ladies’ man is a hard sell, and she’s forced to negotiate with the only collateral he’ll accept: a date with her Josh knows where there’s smoke, there’s fire–but this could burn completely out of control….

I will be doing Treat her right first. Zach Granger is woken up by his new hot neighbor who is making a lot of racket in the morning as she is moving into her new place. Zach’s four-year old daughter was the second to make sure that Zach did not get any sleep first thing in the morning. I fell in love with Zach’s daughter and then I fell for Zach. He is just an amazing guy that simple loves his daughter with every breath that he takes. Wynn Lane is the non-typical girl next door. She is tall, about 6 feet. I love that fact that she is who she is and makes no excuses. She is loud and outgoing and pretty much the best person to shake up her paramedic next door neighbor’s personality. The sex scene is amazing. Very hot and wild. It was perfect.

For Mr. November, I thought this one was so beautiful. Amanda Barker is hardened by past problems and fear that is controlling her life. She tries so hard to resist Mr. November aka firefighter Josh Marshall. He is the perfect man to push Amanda’s boundaries and push her to admitting the truth, that love is for everyone. Josh will not take “no” for an answer. He is an out-going ladies man who is willing to change his ways for the right woman. ¬† The sex scene between them was beautiful and passionate. As with all of Lori Foster’s novels¬† the characters are real and the sex is graphic and loving.

Overall I give this novel a 5 out of 5. I simply loved the short stories and the well written scenes that you get with any of her novels. I look forward to any novel that Lori Foster writes.



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