One Perfect Night (The Sullivans 8.5)


One Perfect Night written by Bella Andre is about the Seattle Sullivans. This is a vignette about Colbie and Noah. You might have remembered them from Mia’s story. Colbie is the one that owns the intimates store. Here is a brief background on their short story provided by Goodreads: One touch… One kiss
The first time Noah Bryant meets Colbie Michaels they collide at the top of a snowy mountain in California and sparks fly. Swamped by sudden emotion – and a desire she can’t control – Colbie panics. Before he can get her phone number or last name, she’s gone. When they serendipitously meet again in Seattle one week later, Noah is certain Colbie is his destiny, and he can’t make the mistake of losing her again.
One night… One forever love
Colbie wants to believe in a happily-ever-after, but experience tells her falling for Noah is more likely to lead to a broken heart. But how can she resist him as he sets out to prove that they’re destined to be together? Especially when he’s intent on fulfilling every last one of her secret desires and he’s willing to keep proving it to her every day…and every sweet and sinful night.

Can you convince a woman to fall in love with you in only one night? One night to change your destiny and your life? One night to make it all worth it. To fight for the thing you want the most to love and be loved. I loved how they met. Both were visiting Lake Tahoe for different reasons and end up finding a connection that transcends location. They don’t even do anything together in Tahoe, they simply cannot stop thinking about each other. It’s also interesting how people are connected through their friends. I love how Rafe and Mia are constantly involved in their romance.

As for the sex scenes… they are steamy and hot, hot, hot! Their one perfect night. It’s full of passion and love that I can’t quite put into words. It is simply something that you will have to read for yourselves.

Overall, I give this novel 4 out 5 stars. I really enjoyed reading about Colbie and Bryant. I cannot wait for the next novel in this series to come out. Bella Andre just writes about love so well.


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