Rock With Me (Book 4 of With Me series) review


I have decided that I am only going to write reviews at night because I believe that is when I have my most inspiration. I read through my other reviews (ones I have written during the day) and find them horrendous and I apologize for making you read those. As I say new day means a new chance to change a person’s mind. Kristen Proby is a new author to me. I have not read anything written by her until recently. I was at an event where we were doing a white elephant gift exchange and I ended up getting her book as a gift. Well it was really the book “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” which is an anthology of different wintery stories. I read one of hers and simply feel in love I could not wait until I read more of her books. I found a series that she had written and started with the first book that was available on my kindle. unfortunately it was the second novel in the series but I always say that if you can read the second novel and understand what is going on then you have found a good writer. And that is exactly what I found. I found a new good writer that I cannot wait to add her additions to my impacted bookcase. Rock with me stars Leo Nash from the local Seattle band Nash. You may have remembered him from the third novel Meg and Will’s story. Leo is like a brother to Meg. They grew up together and really helped each other out. Sam is the sister of Luke the movie star. It gets a little convoluted unless you can maintain who is related to whom and how they are connected. Here is a brief background on the novel provided by Goodreads:  Front Man Leo Nash from the world-famous rock band, Nash, is the last person on earth Samantha Williams would trust. She’s already learned about loving a celebrity the hard way and isn’t signing up for another lesson.

Every time Sam gives Leo attitude, he wants to knock that chip off her fragile little shoulder. What the hell did he ever do to her, anyway? He’s not used to women treating him like he’s poisonous, and he isn’t about to let her run away every time he gets close. He’s had enough of people running away to last him a lifetime…when this one runs, he gives chase. But, catching Sam isn’t as hard as he thought.

The sexual attraction between them is so thick, Sam can practically hold it in her hand. There’s no way she can deny herself the promise of pleasure being with Leo would provide.

But, pleasure always comes with pain and when secrets are revealed and trust is challenged, who will run and who will chase?

I enjoyed this novel, however it was not my favorite. Meg and Will’s is still my favorite so far but that could always change as I finish reading this series. Let’s start at the beginning. I thought Leo was an interesting character. He is a famous rock star but he does not act like it. He does not care about the fame only writing and singing his own songs. I thought he was such a strong character and really perfect for a strong female like Sam.  Leo is a more Adam Levine type of character, rocker with tons of tattoos and a body that could melt butter. Sam is a strong female, She is one that I could really relate to. She’s very distant and cold to new people especially those that could hurt you, emotional hurt is always worse than a physical pain. How can you trust people when they only want to get to your family members through you? I can understand how she felt guarded against trusting people. I like that fact that there is no big problem that the couple have to work through, instead its more realistic with little problems that they have to work through as a couple. It’s more realistic that way and I feel that when written correctly really shows an honesty that is not like other novels. Leo and Sam’s interactions are hilarious. They don’t want to care about each other but really show that they care in other ways and simple ways. I think that Leo is arrogant enough to knock Sam off her high horse and Sam is perfect enough to call Leo out when he is being an egotistical rock star.

As for the sex scenes, I really enjoy the fact that the perspectives go back and forth between the two characters. It lets you know what Leo is thinking and what Sam is thinking each time they sleep together. I really do think the sex scenes are hot and filled with emotions. Although I do find that they have sex a lot, I think since it goes between the two perspectives that it makes sense. They never have sex in the same place more than once and each time they have sex is different from the time before. I did not enjoy the “rock-star” sex that Leo gives Sam. It felt dirty to me and I definitely would not have forgiven him for it, but Sam is a more forgiving person than I am. I just didn’t like that part.

Overall, I give this novel 4 out 5 stars. It was good after you past that one part in the beginning with the “rock-star” sex. I am looking forward to the next book Safe with Me which is about Caleb and Brynna.


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