Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels #4)


Hey Everyone! This review is my 100! Happy 100th day reviewing novels. I can’t believe that it is already been a 100 reviews. Where has the time gone. Also, I feel that I should be coming up on my 1 year anniversary of writing on this blog. That, I believe, is quite the accomplishment. I know I haven’t been the most reliable but I always make sure that I am writing something or reading something. So here it is my 100 review. Magic Bleeds follows Kate Daniels on her journey to solve crimes that were produced by magic. Here is a brief summary provided by Goodreads: Atlanta would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for the magic. When the magic is up, rogue mages cast their spells and monsters appear, while guns refuse to fire and cars fail to start. But then technology returns, and the magic recedes as unpredictably as it arose.

Kate Daniels works for the Order of Knights of Merciful Aid, officially as a liaison with the mercenary guild. Unofficially, she cleans up the paranormal problems no one else wants to handle – especially if they involve Atlanta’s shapeshifting community. When she’s called in to investigate a fight at the Steel Horse, a bar on the border between the territories of the shapeshifters and the necromancers, Kate quickly discovers that there’s a new player in town. One who’s been around for thousands of years – and who rode to war at the side of Kate’s father. This foe may be too much even for Kate and Curran, the Beast Lord, to handle. Because this time Kate will be taking on family.

I love the introduction into Kate’s family! Simply fantastic. Also, I have to admit that the Prologue was such an emotionally draining read. I felt so bad for Kate. She had just lost the bet with Curran and now has to cook him dinner while standing one in her bra and panties. This couple is so cute. Ugh… I can’t tell what will happen, that would be rude. I can’t stand it when people spoil things, so I will not be doing it to you. Let’s just say that this book is my favorite so far. Not only does she have to fight her relatives, but she also has to fight her feeling for Curran. Simply Beautiful. I think it is interesting that Vampires in this series are hollow creatures that follow only one basic instinct which is to feed. I this it’s interesting that the necromancers pilot the dead creatures. It’s understandable because they lose the essence of being human plus their body has started to decay which is the lack of brain material. That means I could project my brain into the body and control the beast. It’s very interesting and I wonder why others have not though of it that way. Interesting concept. I also love the introduction of the typhoid Mary archetype. That was very fascinating. I simply enjoy the use of myths in these novels.

Yay! Finally, I can write about a sex scene! Curran and Kate finally have sex! I have been waiting for this moment is the first book in the series. Let me tell you it was very much worth the wait. They are so cute trying to assert some sort of dominance over the other. That never works but it is cute to watch their banter. I love Curran, I think I am going to have to add him to my top 10 list of fictional men.

Overall, I give this novel 5 out 5! I really enjoyed this novel. I think this one is my favorite so far, but then again the series is not finished. There is more to come.



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