Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1)


Sorry for the long hiatus. I was too busy gorging myself on novels to stop and write a review. I am now between books and knew that you all would be waiting for me to write my next review. Magic Bites written by Ilona Andrews follows Kate in her journey through solving mythical crimes. Here is the summary provided by Goodreads: When the magic is up, rogue mages cast their spells and monsters appear, while guns refuse to fire and cars fail to start. But then technology returns, and the magic recedes as unpredictably as it arose, leaving all kinds of paranormal problems in its wake.

Kate Daniels is a down-on-her-luck mercenary who makes her living cleaning up these magical problems. But when Kate’s guardian is murdered, her quest for justice draws her into a power struggle between two strong factions within Atlanta’s magic circles.

The Masters of the Dead, necromancers who can control vampires, and the Pack, a paramilitary clan of shapechangers, blame each other for a series of bizarre killings—and the death of Kate’s guardian may be part of the same mystery. Pressured by both sides to find the killer, Kate realizes she’s way out of her league—but she wouldn’t have it any other way…

This novel was a little hard to get into at first. There is a lot of information about this mythical world that the reader needs to know. That means there has to be a lot of descriptive language to explain what these elements are. That to me was a little boring, but once you push yourself through that beginning it gets really good. Kate Daniels is an amazing female character. She is strong, compassionate and just a tiny bit socially awkward. She has an amazing wit full of pop culture reference that the others never get. I was a bit apprehensive about the fact that this story is told in first person, but after a while I got used to it and I started to really enjoy how her thinking works.

I love the sparks flying between Curran and Kate. You never really know what is going to happen or if she is going to follow her head and start running for the hills every time she sees him. I also enjoyed the budding romance between Kate and Crest. It was hard to tell which guy she would go for. They were both pretty interesting. However, there is no sex scenes in this novel. There is a lot of anticipation though and I feel that it almost makes up for it. The novel was very realistic in that sense.

Overall I give this novel 4 out 5. It was good but a bit slow in the beginning. Remember this is a supernatural romance so that are some gruesome parts in this novel. If you cannot handle fighting and blood this novel is not for you. If you enjoyed the In death series, I feel that you might enjoy this one as well. Happy Readings!


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