About A Dragon (Dragon Kin 2)


About a Dragon is the second novel in the Dragon  Kin series written by G. A. Aiken (AKA Shelly Laurenston). I am such a huge fan of Shelly Lauresnton/ G.A. Aiken that I do not believe I have ever rated one of her novels lower than a 4. This series as I wrote last time is about Dragons, different world and comedic moments. Here is a brief background on the novel provided by Goodreads: For Nolwenn witch Talaith, a bad day begins with being dragged from bed by an angry mob intent on her crispy end and culminates in rescue by-wait for it-a silver-maned dragon. Existence as a hated outcast is nothing new for a woman with such powerful secrets. The dragon, though? A tad unusual. This one has a human form to die for, and knows it. According to dragon law, Talaith is now his property, for pleasure…or otherwise. But if Lord Arrogance thinks she’s the kind of damsel to acquiesce without a word, he’s in for a surprise…

Is the woman never silent? Briec the Mighty knew the moment he laid eyes on Talaith that she would be his, but he’d counted on tongue-lashings of an altogether different sort. It’s embarrassing, really, that it isn’t this outspoken female’s magicks that have the realm’s greatest dragon in her thrall. No, Briec has been spellbound by something altogether different-and if he doesn’t tread carefully, what he doesn’t know about human women could well be the undoing of his entire race…

So…. that was your background. I love this storyline. I have to admit that this novel is not my all time favorite but it is still pretty good. This novel ties the first novel and the third novel together very well. Not many people can do that. Plus what is great about these novels, is that it is possible to read them out-of-order. You will still be able to understand what is happening. I love the fact that you also see more of the other characters in these novels. Especially in this novel, you see more of Brastis, Morfyd, Gwenvale, Fearghus, and Annwyl. I enjoy learning about the other characters and how their lives are turning out.

As for the sex… You definitely needed a fan at some parts. This book is fully of steam, romance, and back and forth bantering. The relationships are more fluid and powerful. I felt that there was more of an emotional component in this novel and the sex only adds to the storyline.

Overall, I give this novel 4 out 5. I really enjoyed it and will continue to re-read this novel along with the rest of the series. If you like this novel, good you really should, I recommend that you read the rest of her Dragon Kin series. If you did not like it, or this does not sound like something you will enjoy, please look for my next review Bella Andre’s If You Were Mine.



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