Haunted in Death (In Death # 22.5)

haunted in death

So yes, I know what you are thinking…”She just posted a review of a In Death book, how can she read another book so fast?” Here’s the truth. I could not remember if I wrote a review for Memories in Death, which is why I wrote it later than I normally do. But for now they are all there. This was just short novella that slides right in the series. Here is a brief background on the novel provided by Goodreads: Number Twelve is an urban legend in 2060 New York City. The hot club in the 1960s, it is now reported to be haunted?and cursed. Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called there to investigate the apparent murder of Radcliff Hopkins, its new owner and the grandson of the man who made Number Twelve a cultural icon. Several bullets from a banned gun end his dream of returning the building to its former glory. With everyone around her talking about the supernatural, pragmatic Eve won’t let rumors of ghosts distract her from hard evidence. The case becomes even more bizarre when it appears to be linked to the suspicious disappearance of a rock star eighty-five years ago. As Eve searches for the connection, logic clashes with the unexplainable. She may be forced to face the threat of something more dangerous than a flesh-and-blood killer.

This novel was weird to me and not my favorite. There may or may not have Ghosts in this novel and the storyline was not my favorite. I, personally, do not believe in ghosts and usually have a hard time reading novels that are realistic fiction with incorporated paranormal. I’m really big on separating those sub-genres and making sure they stay separated. I will say that I do believe in Urban Legends, but this one was just off to me. It was not up to J.D. Robb’s usual standard. I still loved reading it, it had great characters and the language she used helped move the storyline along, but I was just not that into it.

The romantic scenes were great. Still am a big fan of Roarke and always will be. Those scenes were great to read especially when they are pissed at each other. I love it when Eve and Roarke have disagreements, to me it makes them more real.

Overall, I give this novel 3 out 5. It was good, and I enjoyed it, but it was not my favorite. I have one more In Death novel I am going to read and then I will be reading How to Lose a Bride in One Night by Sophie Jordan.


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