Private Passions (Book 4 of Private series)

Private Passions

You first meet Jane Bowden, the fantastic actress, in the novel Private Party, which follows Chris and Julie. Now for private passions, this novel starts a couple of years after her hurricane wedding to the wrong guy. Seems to be a theme in this series (Maybe?). Here is the background on the novel: Former Green Beret Daniel “Deck” Decker has spent the last five years keeping A-List actress Jane Bowden’s body safe – and his hands to himself. A professional to the core, Deck would never mix business with pleasure, especially when Jane has always kept the relationship strictly business. But that all changes one hot night when Jane, dealt a blow by the tabloids, turns to Deck for comfort. What starts as a consoling embrace quickly turns passionate, and Deck’s long simmering desire can no longer be controlled. But when harsh reality intrudes, any hope Deck has that their steamy night is the start of a new chapter in their relationship is demolished.
Jane Bowden is used to living her life under a microscope. But in the wake of a very public divorce where Jane was made to look – and feel – very much the fool, she’s even more careful not to make any wrong moves. She knows that if the press finds out she’s sleeping with her bodyguard, they’ll paint her as the pathetic woman on the rebound and Deck as a scheming opportunist. But before Jane can talk to Deck about when and how they can reveal the truth, Deck quits. Heartbroken, Jane realizes that while she thought this was the start of something real, Deck only wanted a one night stand.
But when disaster strikes and Jane’s most secret fantasies are leaked to the press, Deck is determined to convince Jane that the key to her happiness is making her private passions a reality.

I simply loved this novel. I had read the books 1-3 and enjoyed them all. I especially love the way Jami Alden writes the heartbreaking stories. She writes the stories where you think there is a slim possibility that the main couple will not live happily ever after. I love that kind of emotional turmoil. This book simply has it all. It has the emotionally distant male, the insecure female and the passion that steams of glasses and mirrors. I thought the storyline was great. I always wondered what happened to Jane after the first novel. They mention what a huge bitch she is, but I felt that there was always more to her personality and that of her bodyguard. If I had a man like that guarding my body I would not let him out of my sight.

The sex scenes were Fantastic, (fantastic with a capital F). They were balanced by the storyline and did not over run the emotional component. The scenes were steamy and I warn you all that you will need to have a fan nearby when reading this novel. The relationship between Deck and Jane was one that I enjoyed reading. They were not simply in love and that’s the end. It was more of a struggle and something they had to work at. The characters were positively fascinating.

Overall, I rate this novel 5 out of 5 stars (simply because I don’t know how else to rate my love for books, I think I should try kitties. For example, I rate this novel 5 out of 5 kittens. Maybe? Eh… We’ll see). If you enjoyed this review and are compelled to read this novel, I recommend that you read the first in the series Private Practice. If you do not like this novel, well too bad because I did. I do not know what I will review next but keep your eyes out. If you have any recommendations please message me. Enjoy your readings!


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