Survivor in Death (In Death # 20)

Survivor in Death

Survivor in Death in book 20 of J.D.Robb’s In death series. This was an interesting read. Here is a brief background on the novel: The only thing that kept young Nixie Swisher from suffering the same fate as her parents, brother, housekeeper, and young sleepover companion was the impulsive nine-year-old’s desire for an illicit orange fizzy at 2 a.m. Taking the bereft girl under her wing, Eve is determined to make sure the killers don’t get the chance to finish their lethal job. From the first, however, the investigation is baffling. The Swishers were a nice family, living on the Upper West Side in a house with an excellent security system. Ordinary almost to a fault, they seemed unlikely victims for this carefully planned and executed crime. Valuables at the scene were left untouched, there was no sign of vandalism — just the corpses of five people murdered in their sleep.

I enjoyed the storyline in this novel but I felt it was a bit off from J.D. Robb’s usual story. A young girl survives the brutal slaying of her family and is now the only one left alive in her family. Eve is her normal awkward self around the young Nixie and tries to do what she knows is best: find justice for the young girl. I felt the emotion behind Eve’s actions and how she dealt with the young girl. It was interesting to try to figure out who killed this family and why. There is not much known until the middle of the novel (which I admit I like, it gives me time to guess). I do not know I felt the story was off in a way and I did not enjoy the ending. It ends very abruptly with no real conclusion. I felt I was missing some information that was pertinent to the storyline. I wanted a bit more closure.

The sex scenes were great but there were not that many. There were only two mentions of sex in this novel and quite a few sexual repertoires between the characters. I needed a bit more sex scenes in this novel to balance the emotional component. Roarke is a great counter balance to Eve and has a way to using sexual phrases to keep Eve on her toes. Peabody’s and McNab’s relationship still makes me giggle. I am extremely glad that I am able to read more about their progressing relationship.

Overall, I give this novel 3.5 to 4 stars. This novel was not my favorite, but it was not horrible. I still enjoyed reading about Roarke and Eve’s relationship. I will be taking a short break from this series to read my massive stack of other novels. The next novel I will be reading is Private Passion written by Jami Alden.


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