Divided in Death (In death 18)

Divided in Death

Hello, Everyone! It has simply been too long. I feel that I have been lost without my pleasure reading. Well I’m back and I do believe that I am here to stay, at least for the most part. Of course, Divided in Death is the continuation of the In Death Series written by J.D. Robb. Here is a brief description of the novel: When a security specialist for Roarke Enterprises is framed for murder, Eve Dallas takes the case and finds it full of red herrings. She and her elite crew of techno-geeks follow each one, human and electronic, to cull truth from appearance.

This novel was interesting and I absolutely loved it.  I really did not want to put this novel down in order to get my homework done. Shame on me! Oh well, everything worked out well so… yeah. This novel follows Eve as Roarke is called in the middle of the night after his assistants daughter had been involved in a murder. I loved this novel simply because we see another side of Caro (Roarke’s executive assistant). Before she was always presented as put together where nothing can shake her, but with her daughter in trouble, I really saw another side of her. For one thing I did not realize that Caro was much older and had a grown up daughter. I love to see characters thrust into situations they are uncomfortable with and then see them flounder.

I also enjoyed the relationship between Roarke and Eve. They both find out information on Eve’s past that cause a rift between them. I felt for these characters and I swear I almost cried at times. J.D. Robb always writes such emotionally driven dialogue between Roarke and Eve. Both characters are more dimensional and make mistake just like a real humans do. (I know it breaks my heart too to find Roarke does not exist). As for the SEX scenes, Oh my goodness! I believe I need a portable fan for when I read them. They are steamy and filled with emotions. Eve and Roarke’s sex life is written in such a way that it comes off as loving and caring. I really glad in that case, cause there are some novels when the sex scenes are robotic. No robots here!

Overall, I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars. I simply enjoyed it from beginning to end. I am really excited for the next novel Visions in Death. I am going to remind you that it will take me a while between review, simply because I am in school. But don’t give up on me, I promise the next review will come before the end of this month. Happy Readings!


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