Purity in Death (In Death # 15)


Hey everyone! I got back to reading more of the In death series. I have decided to read three in death series books and then switch to other books before going back just to give you readers some excitement at the change. Also this is the perfect time to let you know that I will be starting school and I will not be posting as often, but I will still be posting.

Here is the back cover of the novel: Purity in Death finds our heroine on an assignment that leaves her even more tormented by the past. When a deadly computer virus is unleashed on society’s undesirables (namely, child abusers), it’s up to Eve — along with her astonishingly handsome husband, Roarke; her feisty aide, Peabody; e-geek McNab; and her mentor, Captain Feeney — to discover the origins of the virus and shut down the clandestine vigilante group that created it before the next target is marked for execution.

Eve’s task is complicated further as she grapples with her demons (as a child-abuse victim, it was a matter of survival that led Eve to kill her father) and squares off with Roarke, who does not regard the group’s intentions as inherently bad. Once again, she must muddle through those gray areas of right and wrong as she seeks to “stand for the dead,” and answer the question of whether the group is justified in its actions, or whether they simply represent a new breed of terrorist.

This was an interesting novel simply because you really wished you could root for the bad guys. It makes some sense in a convoluted way. A vigilante group trying to rid the world of violent people who were tried by the courts and found not guilty.  I can see their way of thinking. But the truth of the matter is Killing is still wrong. This novel really pulls at your conscience and makes you think about the crime. People killing bad people to protect their families, but they are going outside the law to do it. This is probably why I love this book so much. I can’t decide if I like the Purity groups mission or not. In the end I really have to agree with Eve, that they must be stopped. I enjoyed the fact that I really saw growth and indecision within Eve. She is an amazing character, who is standing up for the dead. I also enjoyed the emotional problems that arise between McNab and Peabody. Their relationship really tugged on my heart-strings because you could understand the emotions they feel for each other during a difficult time.  I don’t want to give away what happens between them, I’m only going to state that I loved seeing their relationship evolve a bit more in this novel.

The sex scenes were great!!! (See three exclamation points for emphasis!) You can see the emotional connection between them evolve. I know that sounds strange but in their minds they have only been married for two years. This just shows the reader that the sex life of married couples does not dwindle down, but is in fact more passionate as they learn more about each other. I love seeing Roarke and Eve’s relationship evolve over the course of time. They really do have true love since they want to stab each other and kiss each other all in the same breath.

Overall, I give this novel 5 out of 5 stars. I simply enjoyed every part of this novel and cannot think of any constructive criticism. If you enjoyed this novel, then I know how you feel. I have already started on the next novel in this series Portrait in Death. If you did not or do not like this series, I apologize and will get reviews of other novels up soon.


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