Bare it All: Love Undercover series book 2

bare it all

This is the newest addition to Lori Foster’s series Love Undercover starring Detective Reese Bareden and Alice Appleton. Here is a brief background on the premiss of the novel: As the person responsible for taking down a brutal human trafficker, Alice Appleton fears retaliation at every turn. No one knows about her past, which is exactly how she prefers it…until the sexy cop next door comes knocking.

Detective Reese Bareden thinks he knows what makes women tick, but his ever-elusive neighbor keeps him guessing like no other. Is his goal to unmask Alice’s secrets? Or protect her from a dangerous new threat? One thing is certain: their chemistry is a time bomb waiting to explode. And with no one to trust but each other, Reese and Alice are soon drawn into a deadly maze of corruption, intrigue and desire-and into the line of fire….

I thought this novel was very interesting to read. It starts up only the day after the first novel. The mysterious neighbor Alice is helping Reese by allowing him to stay in her apartment. I had not known for the longest time that this Alice is the one that Trace Rivers saves at the end of Trace of Fever. Knowing that information, showed a different picture of Alice and her insecurities. Everything about her made sense and that fact that I already knew her past. Alice is still vague on what happened to her during her time with Murray, but she does mention that after effect.  I thought the storyline was interesting, especially the thing about tattoos and the women. I promise not to go into too much detail. I love the fact that the previous character make an appearance to help out the situation. Someone from Alice’s past comes to make a visit and I’m not telling who.

As the for the steamy scenes that you all are dying to hear about, I thought the scenes were great. Lori Foster really knows how to write great sexually explicit scenes that only add to the storyline. The sex scenes did not happen every other page as some romance novels like to put them. Each encounter add emotional connection between Reese adn Alice.  I can honestly say that I wanted to read more. I did not want to stop.

Overall, I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars. After the last novel, this novel’s conclusion seemed a little anti-climatic. I was expecting things to go more wrong like it does in the other novels. However, I still enjoyed reading this. If you love the Men Who Walk The Edge of Honor series, then you will definitely love this novel. But I would recommend that you start with the first in this series Run the Risk. You can find my review of that novel under Modern Romance. If you enjoyed these novels don’t forget to read When you Dare, Lori Foster’s other series that ties into this one. I should have a new review posted soon. Happy Readings!


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