Review of Hard to Handle book 3 of SBC fighters

hard2handleThis is the third installment of Lori Foster’s SBC fighters series. This novel follows Harley, who we meet in Simon Says. Harley is taking some much needed time off after rehabbing his elbow (you know what happened to it i.e. saving Dakota). Harley rents a cabin from a very attractive young woman, who happens to be in some trouble. Anastasia Bradley is a life coach willing to lend her expertise to help Harley achieve his goal of winning the belt. (You know fighters, always wanting to win the belt). However, nothing ever goes exactly as planned, Harley and Anastasia must work together to figure out who is trying to hurt them. A male and female sticking close together, you know where this is leading. On a side note another romance is blooming Barber, who is the singer-friend of Dakota from Simon Says (reoccurring cast, gotta love them) and Jasmine, a singer looking for a job in Barber’s band. I wonder what will happen there…

I enjoyed this novel a lot based on the character’s personalities. What’s not to love about Harley’s take charge attitude and Stasia’s ability to call bullshit on anything Harley says or does. Gosh, I do enjoy strong female roles. It make a novel worth reading. As you read previously in Simon Says Harley will do almost anything for chance at the title belt, but he seems to more closed off from his emotional state. As I was reading this novel, I enjoyed Harley’s take charge attitude and his attempt to control his surroundings. Stasia is the perfect balance for a control freak. She on the other hand is trying to help Harley loosen up. Sparks are definitely flying between these two. I enjoyed their attempt at romance, their desire to keep the other close but not close enough to make the relationship official. Their journey was very entertaining. Of course like most of Lori Foster’s tales there was a mystery which I could not see coming until about midway through the book. It was very interesting to see where it was going. Although after the first two novels it was not hard to figure out the storyline of this novel. I did not enjoy Barber’s story as much as I enjoyed Dean’s or Harvey’s. Barber mentions in the last novel that he will not and could not be with someone who was not similar in personalities to Dakota. Well reader,  you know where that is going. Barber happens to fall for the exact opposite of Dakota. I felt that it went a little too far in the other direction, where it made it almost unbelievable. Jasmine is a woman who overly emotional, more curvy, and more feminine. It seemed very unrealistic that Barber would automatically fall in love with this woman, yet that is almost exactly what he does. I did enjoy their story, it was a very nice read, however, it was missing more of the psychological depth to explain the rapid turnabout for Barber.

The storyline was good but it was a little predictable, you could sort of see where things are headed. I did find the addition of Roger and Cam’s interlude very nice. Who doesn’t enjoy continuation of a previous character? I sometimes find myself loving the epilogue more than some novels.

Now the sex scenes. I know you were waiting most patiently and did not skip straight to this part. The first scene of the novel is a sex scene and most interesting way to start a novel. Later on the sex scenes between Harley and Stasia, and Barber and Jasmine were very intriguing not to mention HOT. (notice the capital letters? It’s for emphasis.) I love the sex scenes especially when they tell you more about the psychological state of the character as it does in this novel. If you love relationships and the connection between men and women you will love this novel. I mean, what’s not to love about mystery, hot guys, and feisty women?

If you enjoyed the previous novel Simon Says you will enjoy this read. You might also like other novels by Lori Foster including the last of this series Back in Black, a novel about Drew Black the CEO of SBC organization. He is definitely a character. Happy Readings all!


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