Review for My Man, Michael Book 4 for SBC Fighters

My man, MichaelMy Man, Michael is the fourth novel in the series, and I have to say I was very disappointed in this read. This story is about Michael aka Mallet, who was obnoxious to Dakota but became her friend later. Mallet is injured in a car accident and is unable to fight ever again. (insert female lead). A woman shows up claiming to be able to help Michael with his problem, if he would leave everything he has ever known to go with her to the future. Wait, the future? And this is where I have the problem. If you are going to write a series, you have to make sure the series follows the same genre. If you are writing realistic fiction, you can not throw in science fiction just for fun. It makes no sense to the continuation of the series.

Overall the story was fine, I personally did not enjoy switching genres in the middle of the series.  Micheal goes into the future to help this “Hot” future girl basic combat moves, because apparently they do not know how to fight. The story then goes on about two rival tribes. One that is filled with mostly girls and the other mostly boys. Well you know where this is going. And to top it all off the leaders of those tribes have history together. What are the odds?

Personally I did not enjoy this novel. I would recommend skipping this novel and going straight to the last novel of the series, Back to Black. This novel does not help progress the other characters or plot line of the other people, plus they did not mention Mallet in Harley’s novel and they do not mention him in Drew’s story. Therefore, we can all forget he was ever there. I give this novel a 2 out of 5.


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