Review of “Simon Says” book two of SBC Fighters

Simon Says Cover

Be prepared to read this next review for book two of the SBC fighters. Reading about a bunch of gorgeous fighters just makes a girl want to swoon. (Yes, I know. Swoon, really? But believe me after reading the first one you will want to swoon over the rest). This novel is about Simon “Sublime” Evans, who recently returns to the fighting world after discovering that his girlfriend of five years cheated on him. (Shame on her!) Now insert complication. In walks Dakota Dream (yes, we know… sounds like a stage name, it’s not). Dakota was hired by Simon’s biological father and her step-father to find Simon. Dakota is gutsy and only wants to complete this job so she can get something she has always wanted, however, Simon is more interested in learning about her.  If you have read the first novel than you know that Simon was Dean trainer and now the roles have been reversed.

The characters were interesting to read. Simon is guarded from the very first page. He doesn’t love anybody and doesn’t want anybody to stand in his way of winning the championship fight. Dakota is a short, feisty girl who will try almost anything to something she wants. I enjoy reading about strong female characters. There is not much point in reading about weak characters, I cannot relate to them. Dakota was not always strong, and I found that seeing her progression was fascinating. The storyline was a bit fast in the beginning, but slowed to a moderate pace in the middle. Dakota and Simon had character growth that was easy to seeing and a joy to read. No one really likes to read about a character that does not grow in some way or another. Dakota is very tomboyish which I enjoyed reading. She was not perfect and in fact mentions that quite a bit. She is definitely more comfortable hanging out with the guys. I wanted a bit more at the ending of the novel. I felt that the conflict between the couple was not resolved to me standards. There was just an automatic forgiveness that was never really mentioned, just implied. I did not like the scenes with Barber. He is the best friend of Dakota, who just happens to be madly in love with her. I felt that,  yes it was realistic (Gosh, this happens to my friend all the time) it was felt open-ended. You do see Barber’s happily ever in Hard to Handle, but you already see which person he loves in this novel.

The sex scenes were incredible. Lori Foster certainly knows how to write good sex scenes. This is pretty much why we read Romance novels. Well at least that’s what my mother always says. I, however, tend to enjoy the emotional connection between the two main characters more, sex is just an added bonus. The sex scenes in this novel were steamy, and realistic. I hate sex scenes where it feels like a badly put together movie, this novel was not like that. The sex scenes were enjoyable and I believe added to the storyline rather than hindering it.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. It was not my favorite of the series, but it was a good read. I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars. If you enjoyed reading this novel continue on to the next one. Hard to Handle.


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