Review of “Causing Havoc”

225588Causing Havoc is the start of the SBC fighting series. These novels are filled with strong men, who all fight for the SBC. For those of you that don’t watch the ultimate fighting on HBO, I am going to briefly explain about the fighting style these lovely gentlemen partake in. Basically it encompasses a wide range of fighting styles including boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, kickboxing and wrestling. This series follows guy who are dedicated to fighting in this sport. The first novel is about Dean “Havoc” Conor returning home after receiving a letter from his long-lost sister. He returns home to find some things have not changed and some things  have including his sisters. Dean must team up with Eve, his sister’s best friend, in order to stop his sister from marrying a man believed to be behind malicious events. Eve, however, is just as determined not to give Dean her heart, knowing that he has no plan to stay around.

I was intrigued at the start of this series. I, however, originally started the series with the fourth book, but i felt that starting the review at the beginning would work best for others. The storyline was very interesting. It grabs the readers attentions with a spot of mystery. The mystery is what keeps the reader interested throughout the novel. I certainly thought it was one person only to find it was a completely different person. I hope you feel the same way as you read through this novel. In this novel, Lori Foster does something that I had not seen done in other novels. She puts more than one love story in this novel. In fact there is about three love stories that I counted, if you include Cam’s. I felt this took away the plot movement because the reader is only given a brief story about the other couple and then it disappears. I wanted to know more about the other characters and their journey in falling in love. I also felt that the other relationships moved faster than I would have liked. There was no real growth with those character and lost some of the joy reading about the falling in love parts. I did enjoy the including of female menstruation. I mean, hello? Life is not all about sex no stop between a couple, there is a thing called the female reproductive system and something significant happens every month. I enjoyed reading about the Eve’s menstruation because to me that seemed more believable. It happens, and Dean was man enough to take care of her during this difficult time. It made the story seem more organic and realistic.

I enjoyed the main characters personalities. I felt they were the perfect counterbalance to each other. Dean is the strong, emotionally distant man, while Eve is the epitome of female beauty and has the strength to believe in herself. Dean and Eve have moments of fear and wariness that comes with a new relationship. I was fascinated to read about them losing control over their hearts when they had not planned on it. Love happens when you are busy making plans, which is just the case for these two strong-headed individuals.

Now for the part you were really waiting for… Let’s talk about SEX.  The sex scenes started out close to the beginning of the novel. I felt that within the time frame of the novel was only about a day. This couple was geared and ready to fire. The characters do mention that this is not normal for them (the Eve does anyways), and feel a certain connection that they had not felt before. The sex scenes were great, very descriptive and included all the necessary parts i.e. the putting on of the condom. (I mean, really? no condom = unsafe sex. As two consenting adults, they should have the knowledge of sexual health). I was glad to read about that which adds to the story. It was the need to protect the partner from a very awkward situation.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I would like it more if the other couples in the book had more than a few pages to detail their blossoming relationship but hey that’s just me.  I give this novel 4 out of 5 stars. If you enjoy reading this novel I feel that you will also enjoy reading the second installment in the series Simon Says. (look for my review on this novel as well).

Happy Readings!


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