Review for Forever Buckhorn

This is the second book in the series. This book follows the lives of the youngest brothers. The first story is Gabe, the Lothario of Buckhorn county. Gabe meets a gorgeous red-head, who wants to interview Gabe after he saved the lives of two young boys and a mother from a boating accident. Gabe doesn’t want to remark on the fact that he saved a families lives because he did what he had to do. He does not believe he has the heroic qualities that heroes posses. He is just a regular man that helps people who are in trouble, anyone would have done the same. Lizzy parks came to Buckhorn county to finish her senior thesis on heroic qualities and how heroes are born. She needs to know. However, Gabe is not interested in becoming part of scientific research. He finally agrees to answering her questions in exchange for kisses. Harmless right?

The second half of the book is about Jordan the third brother. Jordan is a renowned veterinarian known for his soothing voice that calls to all animals… and women. Jordan is calm and a lot different from his other brothers. He has a problem with alcohol and can not stand people who overindulged. Georgia is an exotic dancer and single mother. She will do almost anything to make sure her family is cared for even if that means dancing for money. The two start off in a rocky relationship started by a bar fight.

Part 1: Gabe

This story was interesting to read. Gabe and Lizzy automatically hit it off but Lizzy is not like most women.  She is not confident in herself or her sexuality. Gabe is overly confident in his sexuality, the ladies love him and make that known. Gabe is known as the great handyman of Buckhorn county. I felt a more connection with the female character because of her emotional turmoil. Lizzy is an awkward, shy girl that is being pursued by the hottest guy in the town. I felt the emotional component through out the novel was great and realistic. IN this novel there was only one sex scene, which I felt arrive at the right moment (not at the beginning). The only problem I had with this storyline was i felt that it jumped time too often. I could not follow the storyline as well as I could with the first novel. I felt that there was missing event, missing scenes that were pertinent to the storyline. I felt that with the missing scenes did not allow the reader to follow the emotional component of the story. The sex scene was good but I felt I wanted more. I wanted to know more about their relationship than was given.

Part 2: Jordan

This story follows Jordan the loveable vet and Georgia the exotic dancer / single mother. The storyline moved along fast, which I felt took away from the storyline. I love the interaction from the previous characters and seeing how the family progress through the storyline. That I have to admit was my favorite part. I did not much care for the interaction of Jordan and Georgia. Georgia is independent, but I felt she gave into the help of Jordan way to fast for my liking. The storyline was alright. It was not my favorite from Lori Foster but it still had the necessary components that I normally look for in her novels. There was only one sex scene, which happens later in the novel (much later). It sort of made scene in the overall scheem of things. I felt this story was missing the emotional growth that was present in the first novel.

Overall, I felt that time moved faster than the first two novels. I got confused a couple of times throughout the novel wondering where the characters were at and what just happened. Sometimes time would move along faster than I would have liked. For the most part i enjoyed the story and cannot wait to read the next installment in the series. I give this novel 3 out of 5 stars. If you enjoyed the first novel in the series I recommend reading this novel. Also if you enjoyed other novels by Lori Foster then you will really enjoy this one. forever-buckhorn_350


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