Review for Buckhorn Beginnings

Buckhorn Beginnings, a novel by Lori Foster is separated into two stories. The first follows the eldest brother of four. Sawyer is the town doctor, known for making house calls and being extremely professional. This, however, does not stay the same when Honey Malone comes charging into his life. Nothing will be the same, especially when he finds her running a fever and scared out of her ever loving mind. Honey Malone was running, running away from someone out to get her. She no longer feels safe in her own home and her father is not the greatest support. Will she find safety in a house with four grown men and a teenage boy? The second story follows Morgan and Misty. Morgan is the town sheriff. He is used to having complete control over his surrounds. Misty, however, wants control over her own life and will not allow anyone to dictate it. Morgan already decided that Misty is off limits (having just realized she is honey’s sister) and now is doing all in his power to make sure the chemistry is not acted upon. How long will Morgan keep up the front, especially after learning about Misty’s problems?

Part 1: Sawyer

Sawyer is the prefect example of a good man. He is a father and a doctor and all around great guy to anyone he meets. His character was great to read. He was, like most guys, disapproving of the idea of marriage. He was not disapproving of Honey herself. I thought the characterization of the characters fit. Their personalities were full and there was growth as the novels progress. Honey is not a weak, simpering female character. She holds her own against the testosterone filled house. (Not many women would be able to hold her own!). I know I would be able to hold my own against four overly males, but then again I do have brothers, which helped in that sense. The novel moved at a steady pace through the storyline. There was no scenes that were missing. The storyline was very interesting. I was throughly gripped from beginning to end. I did not want to stop reading, I wanted to know more.

As for the steamy scenes (I know you all were waiting for it! 😉 )The scenes were few and far between. I counted only two sexually vivid scenes but they fit perfectly into the storyline. I have to admit that they even fogged up my glasses for a while. It was not only the sex scenes but the emotional component that went along with it. everything in the scene fit together.

Part 2: Morgan

The second part of the book begins were the first book left off. Morgan the second eldest in the family is tempted to get married after seeing his brother take to it so well. Morgan, the town sheriff,  has his life well together. All Morgan is missing is a wife and family. How hard can that be? Misty sister of Honey has sworn off men. She is no longer putting all her hens in that basket, she is taking control of her life and determined to make it on her own. Morgan is an interesting character.I felt that Morgan was very stoic, always in control of his emotions and his strength. Misty is determined to be a strong independent woman in charge of her own destiny. No way is she going to allow some strong, tall, hulking man tell her what to do. The pace for this novel was very well done. I enjoyed the reading pace. I was constantly wanting to keep reading, even when I know I should be sleeping. I love when strong when keep strong men on their toes. It makes for a great compelling novel. Just like the first story, the second story progressed really well. Character development was also good. I felt that reading the characters problems and inner thoughts allowed for a better understanding into what they do and how they interact with the other characters.

I loved both books and give 4 out of 5 stars for both. I would have given five but i wanted more on their story and conclusion as well as more explicit scenes. The family values were interesting, not something i truly believe in, but I acknowledge that the storyline was done will with what was given. 11164604

If you enjoyed any other Lori Foster novel, you will surely love this novel. Also if you loved the Marriage Bargain (reviewed in another post) you will enjoy this novel a well.


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