Review for The Marraige Trap

The Marriage Trap is book two in the Marriage to a Billionaire series. This story goes through the life of Michael Conte and Maggie Ryan. Both of which were introduced in the first novel of the series. Michael has ran into a problem with his family. His mother is a traditionalist that stated Venezia, his sister, cannot marry unless he marries someone. Tradition dictates that the oldest must marry first. An interesting concept that I must admit that I am unfamiliar with, however, I am also not Italian. So Michael must make a decision: find a woman to be his fake bride in order for his sister to marry the man she wants. Michael invites his new friend Alexa’s sister-in-law. Nothing will go wrong, right?

The character of Michael was a great counterpart to the vixen, strong, independent personality of Maggie. Michael is afraid of losing his family. He is the head of the family and everything must be his responsibility. (We all know where this is going). I understood Michael as a character. He lost his father and is trying to do what is best for his family, even if that means deciding their future for them. He lost his dream and now is in charge of making sure his parents dream does not die. The character of Maggie, was one I enjoyed. I love strong women that do not swoon at the command of a man. Maggie stands up for everything she believes in and will not back down. I could say that Maggie is stubborn but when compared to Michael she is really just forceful. This is exactly what Michael needs. Maggie is a strong women, but weak to the core. Its all about persona in this novel and demonstrates the problems of a past in the cognitive thought of the characters.

As I was reading I noticed several similes. To me, I thought they were odd and did not really add to the storyline. The similes were interesting in some cases where the information was backed up by something the character said or did but overall I did not enjoy them.

The Plot was interesting. I enjoyed trying to guess where this novel would go. There was many different paths the author could have taken, but it was interesting to see where they would go. This novel did seem to drag a tiny bit, but it was not that noticeable.   I enjoyed reading the novel and in truth i could not put it down. I just wanted to keep reading to figure up what would happen next.

You can look for these characters in the next book of the series The Marriage Mistake already in stores. If you enjoyed this novel, please look at my other review. I believe I have already stated which book you should enjoy if you liked this author. The marriage trap


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