Review of The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst follows the tale of a marriage in name only. What was Alexa to do to save her family’s home? She needed to find a couple thousand dollars. Nick needed to get married in a hurry in order to save his business. The likely pair grew up as childhood friends and now they needed each other. So what else were they supposed to do by have a marriage in name only….

I enjoyed reading this novel and have actually started to re-read it again. This is one novel that i will not tire from. Alexa is not perfect and does not try to be. She had already had her heart broken by Nick and not fully sure that she could handle living in such close proximity to him. Nick needed a marriage but one that is not lasting. According to Nick love and marriage are a fleeting idea and refuses to settle down. So how hard could it to live in teh same house with Alexa for one year?

I loved the emotional connection between Nick and Alexa. Childhood friends that never thought they would see each other again and now are married to each other. Alexa is trying to guard her heart against the one man that has power over it. Alexa is only trying to save her family, her needs are pushed aside for what her family needs more. Nick thinks all women are the same (I love it when they think that). Women only want money from a rich man like him, how could anyone love him? More to the point, how can anyone not love his strong personality and passion for his career. Alexa is the same way passionate about her bookstore and the poetry readings she hosts. Two characters that are dramatically different thrown together in an unlikely situation.

The thought the plot line was interesting to read. Girl falls in love with boy during childhood. Boy believes all women are the same. Girl feels insecure and has to keep boy at a distance and boy is completely oblivious to female emotions and thinking. Boy and Girl have a fiesty interaction with each other, wishes each would bend to the others will. I love the dynamics of the male-female interactions.

If you enjoy Lori Foster’s novels, you will surely enjoy this novel. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series. I want to know more about Nick’s sisters story. Image


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