Review of One Good Earl Deserves a Lover

Reading the novel One Good Earl Deserves a Lover written by Sarah MacLean was very thrilling. The novel is the second novel in The Rules of Scoundrels series. I loved the story line in this novel. I wickedly smart Victorian female completely awkward in social situations wanting to know about seduction from the only available (non) gentleman she knew: the co-owner of the Fallen Angels club. The relationship between Pippa and Cross was fantastic, only another genius would be able to handle such a scientifically driven female.

Sarah MacLean writes the novel so that the reader is addicted to reading each words written. I personally did not want to stop reading (and in fact continued well past my bedtime in order to finish). I always hate blogs that give things away so i will try not to do that.

The emotional component would have to be my favorite of all in this novel. Your heart just aches for the problems these lovers fins themselves in.  I have to admit that i always enjoy reading about a strong heroine that makes a stubborn male change his ways. And this is exactly what this novel does. The greatest partner is someone that will challenge you and Pippa finds that challenge in Cross. Pippa is a character that you could not help by fall in love with. She has a quirky personality that grabbed my attentions from the very beginning. Seeing Pippa grow through out the novel was a great enjoyment for me (personally that is my favorite thing in novels). Pippa is just trying to figure out why she does not enjoy the physical contact with her fiance. Pippa maybe considered odd by her society’s standards, but she is in no way not a likeable character. I feel for her every time something emotional comes up she is trying to scientifically figure it out.

Cross is the male counterpart to Pippa. He is everything she is mentally with an added rogue-ish  demeaner that makes the women swoon. His emotional problems are embedded deep within his mind and the only one able to save him from a lifetime of punishment is some who is as logical as Pippa. They are the perfect balance for each other. Out of the four co-owners of the gaming hell it is hard to pick a favorite. I cannot wait for the next addition to the series. I am waiting with baited breath for the next two installmentsImage.(I always wanted to write that. 🙂 )

As for the plot, i enjoyed trying to figure out the main problem with Cross. Each chapter leads you a little more down into the world of the gaming hell. I wanted to know more with each passing word and found that i could not put the novel down. For the couple, the plot line fit their story like a little black dress hugs the curves of a woman.

I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys strong female character in the historical romance genre. If you enjoy Julia Quinn’s novels you will enjoy this one. I would also recommend reading Sarah MacLean’s other series Love by Numbers and her first novel in the The Rules of Scoundrels series.


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